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SharePoint Online Modern List - Export Selected Items to Excel

It has become a kind of tradition for me to write this component to export selected items to excel, whenever there is new model or approach of development in SharePoint....

Access _spPageContextInfo details in SharePoint Framework

If you are into SharePoint development, then you should be familiar with your best friend _spPageContextInfo which gives you more valuable context based information. You can also access the same...

Add Site Collection Admin to all Communication Sites

If you are already using SharePoint Online Communication sites, would have noticed that its not showing up in the SharePoint admin center to manage or its not listed in Office...

Get-PnPUnifiedGroup - Get all Office 365 Groups in tenant

Run the below script and enter tenant admin credentials when prompted. Here is the complete list of scope and permissions -

SharePoint Framework: error TS2339: Property items does not exist on type Readonly

When you encounter the below error, while using state object in react based webpart created by yeoman generator.

5 Reasons why you need to still use classic library experience

Here are my five points why I use the classic library experience even in a modern team site, or the site provisioned with office 365 groups.